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Stairway landing, Molina residence, Naples Island, Long Beach, CA, 2017

One of the treasures of Southern California is the Naples Island section of Long Beach. We had the pleasure of working with John C. Molina in his newly purchased Mission Revival house built in 1903.

For the grand staircase landing of the home this 5’ by 6’ window captures the stylized beauty of the lights of the Queensway Bridge and the Long Beach Lighthouse, the pleasures of sailing in the channel or just watching the boats go by with the seagulls, the dolphins, the azure sea and all the beauties of nature.

Restoration, Door panel, Molina residence, Naples Island, Long Beach, CA, 2018

In the home office, we see an art deco design with a variety of textures of clear glass including beveled glass. Near the top we have depicted the Molina Coat of Arms in the traditional stained glass style with blue flashed antique glass, stained glass painting, and silver stain.

For the final project we were given a large and very old stained glass window with shades of violet, green, yellow and other colors of cathedral glass, highlighted by colorful rondels down the center. This window was reduced in size, restored and installed in an entry door to the family room.

Molina Coat of Arms, Naples Island, Long Beach, CA, 2018
Molina Coat of Arms,
Naples Island, Long Beach, CA, 2018

Private residence, Atascadero, CA
Holy Trinity Church, San Pedro, CA,
Restoration, 2014

Private residence, Long Beach, CA, 2018

Stairway landing, Private residence,
 Torrance, CA, 2017

Entryway, Private residence,
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, 2017

Private residence,
Rolling Hills Estates, CA 2018
Door panels inspired by the Gaudi windows at La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona.



Ancient Arts (www.AncientArtsStained owner Mark Schoem was contacted by St. John Fisher ( in the Spring of 2018 about creating new stained glass windows in the Blessed Mother Chapel. The five windows are in seven shades of blue with the darkest blues towards the bottom of the windows, progressing to the lightest shade at the top. Blue is the color associated with Mary in Catholic tradition and the various shades and textures were very thoughtfully researched and approved with the Church committee.

The installation was completed in time for Christmas and we were very pleased to hear the positive comments of the committee members and Monsignor David A. Sork.

Ancient Arts Stained Glass Studio provides design, fabrication, installation, repair and restoration services of custom decorative glasswork including stained glass, beveled glass and leaded glass
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